Our Accreditations

Safety, health, sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and labour compliance are just some of the areas covered by Achilles solutions for the building and construction sector.

We provide a robust pre-qualification, compliance, and audit process designed to meet our clients' high supply chain management standards.

For buying organisations in the sector our solutions support: Risk management though visibility of suppliers compliance with legislation and corporate standards.

Continual improvement of supply chain performance including responsible procurement Sustainable relationships with key suppliers Cost reduction through an independent supply chain pre-qualification process.

For suppliers and contractors our benefits include:

Supporting new business acquisition. Improving performance in key areas such as safety, environment, quality and sustainability

Reducing pre-qualification effort across multiple clients and projects

Achilles has established building and construction communities in the UK and Norway and is actively working on developing further communities in new regions.


We are Investors in People.?We exist to help every individual, and every team, be the very best they can be. Because good people make a great business.

Today the talents of the UK's workforce are worth ?17.12 trillion. Imagine if we could add 1% just by working smarter?

Making the most of the people that drive every business forward would add ?171 billion to the economy, boost ambition nationwide and create a brighter business future for us all.

It's a bold goal, driven by a simple idea. People are the engine of success for responsible, sustainable and profitable businesses. And people can change the world, if they are given the support they need.

At Investors in People we are all for changing the world - working together to build the agile, connected empowered workforce today that will make a difference tomorrow.