Duncan Mackay and Sons Ltd Drainage

Drainage can come in a variety of forms and be constructed / or has been constructed, over the years in a variety of materials. While many of these materials can still be found in the ground, some are past their useful life and can be found to be prone to either collapse or fracture.

Duncan Mackay and Sons Ltd. can provide everything from a complete drainage and sewer system to meet your requirements, to repairs and cleaning / unblocking of your current system

  1. Main Sewer Lines
  2. Domestic Sewer Lines
  3. Storm Water
  4. Rain Water
  1. Concrete (Main Lines)
  2. Pitch Fibre
  3. Fire Clay
  4. Plastic
  5. Reinforced / Ribbed Plastic

Using modern day high pressure jetting and suction eqipment, Duncan Mackay and Sons can (not only replace and repair existing drainage systems), but can clean and unblock all forms of drainage systems including gulley pots that are integral to road drainage.

CCTV equipment can identify and pinpoint the exact location of blockages.