Duncan Mackay and Sons Ltd Water Quality Works

Duncan Mackay and Sons Ltd have been responsible for the replacement and renewal of large areas of the Scottish Water network throughout the Western Isles. In addition to these ongoing works the company are heavily involved with the ongoing cleaning programme to ensure the water provided by Scottish Water reaches the high water quality targets needed throughout the Islands. All operatives are D.O.M.S certified.

Prior to any cleaning programmes getting underway, D.O.M.S impact assessments are carried out to ensure disruption to the customer is kept to a minimum. All cleaning works are carried out throughout the nights.


The Scottish Water Distribution Operations Maintenance Strategy (DOMS) scheme is a company scheme owned and produced by Scottish Water for persons working on Scottish Water sites. The registration database is operated by EUSR on behalf of Energy & Utility Skills.

The DOMS scheme has been produced in order to ensure a consistent approach across the Scottish Water region to safeguard the water quality reaching customers. By taking this uniformed approach to the operation and maintenance of distribution assets problems affecting water quality such as discolouration, microbiological failures and issues with taste and odours will be reduced. The DOMS scheme builds upon the foundation formed by the EUSR National Water Hygiene scheme.