Duncan Mackay and Sons Ltd Impact Moling

We are experts in the use of trenchless technology, particularly Impact Moling. Over the last few years we have helped a number of leading utility and networking companies in the Western Isles repair and renew underground pipes, ducts and cables using techniques that minimise or eliminate the need for excavation.

We provide a cost effective alternative to traditional open cut methods of installation, renewal and repair. Our services can also help you to reduce the impact on the environment.

The advantages of impact moling for your company are:

  • Installations of water mains, ducts, cables and underground services

  • More cost effective than traditional trenching methods

  • Minimal / no excavation beyond necessary launch pits or termination points for the installed service

  • Minimal disruption to the customer’s property

  • Environmentally and socially beneficial

Installation times vary dependent on ground conditions. (ie, Moling a garden (No Compaction), will be considerably faster than Moling a carriageway (Heavy Compaction) . Typical bore sizes are in the range of 50 - 180mm diameter.

We handle all aspects of the excavation side of your business, minimising the additional cost and effort for you and leaving you free to concentrate on the job in hand.